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Please provide the way to assign a control widget with the structure,List or entity.I mean if we drop structure,list or entity on assign control,it has to bind the all fields with the default value.

Created on 13 Aug 2018
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Can you please elaborate a bit more your idea? Do you mean you would like to have all structure parameters listed on an assign element whenever you drag & drop a variable of type structure into an assign?


Hi Fernando!Thanks for your attention...Yes i want the same u described above....

The reason behind is this...i had done lots of hard work to assign my structure in assign control.

#LowCode:Not acceptable..please correct me i am wrong.

Scenario: my structure/Entity having a 50 columns and i want assign all of them using assign control

it should assign with the default value and further can modify the value as per my requirements some of them use and some of them not used but it has default value.

If you drag a structure in your flow an assign is created pre-filled with easy attribute from your structure.

As Daniël mentioned on Service Studio latest version if you drag your structure to an assign will populate with all attributes from the structure. Although are leaving them blank, which you would have to go and delete or assign the correct value.

I would say that your use case is legit and I will suggest to check the community traction, so that we can evaluate if anyone else relate with your feeling and frustration.

We will keep an eye on this idea.

Thanks for your input

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Hey JitendraYadav,

Currently we don't have short-term plans to tackle this.

If your structures/entities are very similar you can just assign one to the other (e.g User1 =  User2) and then just customize the attributes that are different. Consider also using the suggestions to accelerate this process.

Thanks a lot for your idea and keep them coming!