In SimpleQuery / Assign comment

By Eric Oud Ammerveld (PS9.1) on 13 Oct 2010
Hi guys,

Sometimes when you have a pretty complex assign or query statement you'd like to add some comment.

I have a few queries that contain some complex statements.
I also have a few assigns that contain several IF statements and a few entity actions.

I currently use structures like teh one below to add in come comment; but this is not the way I'd like to do this:
("Oude bewaarloondatum valt in Tarief periode" <> "")
and ( TARIFF.ValidFrom <= OldRentDate and ( TARIFF.ValidTo  >= OldRentDate or TARIFF.ValidTo = NullDate() ) )
("Tarief periode valt in bewaarloontermijn" <> "")
and  ( TARIFF.ValidFrom >= OldRentDate and (TARIFF.ValidTo <= NewRentDate and TARIFF.ValidTo <> NullDate() ) )
("Nieuwe bewaarloondatum Tarief periode valt in bewaarloontermijn" <> "")
and  ( TARIFF.ValidFrom <= NewRentDate and (TARIFF.ValidTo >= NewRentDate or TARIFF.ValidTo = NullDate() ) )

I'd rather use a // line comment or { BLOCK COMMENT } instead.
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