Need Option To Create Structures from Entity


Hi Team,

As we are #LowCode platform,We should provide one option to create structure directly from entity.

The reason is that in 4LC architecture we not provide direct access to our entity for that we have create structure same as entity for accessing data between two module(Business Layer access Core Layer using server action as a structures).

Please look into this.

Created on 16 Aug 2018
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What is wrong by simply doing ctrl-c on the entity.

then go to structures folder and paste it?

Thanks J. Its Working....but can we have same option at Entity level.

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Hi Jitendra,

The 4LC rules don't say you can't have the Entity visible in another layer. Common practice is to expose it Read Only, but not that you shouldn't have it at available at all! (In fact, I think creating a seperate Structure for each Entity is completely mad!)

The copy+paste trick works well for new structures, what about updating a structure from an entity that now has more attributes? The copy+paste will create a structure with entityname2 and to add individual structure attributes is not fun.

Is this a different idea?

For some reason even after the previous structure is deleted I cannot change structure entityname2 to entityname...   requires a DB cleanup?