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Hello, It would be very useful to Add applications to deployment plan and be able filter by them by team. In a large factory with hundreds of applications it gets hard to select the right applications to add the the plan, even using naming conventions. 

Having this optional filter would ease up this task when you have well segmented teams corresponding to each architecture business domain.

Created on 16 Aug 2018
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On our radar

Hi Sérgio!

Thank you for your idea.

We've changed the status to "on our radar" because it is a good one! Although this specific idea is not on our roadmap, we believe that is still space to improve regarding large factories and the speed to create deployment plans. 

Taking speed to create deployment plans into consideration, do you think that filter by team will do a huge impact on that? 


Hello João,

Yes I think it speeds up a lot specially if don't have any naming conventions on the Apps of each domain / team because on that case you need to be picking each one of a large list.

The other think that would speed up the process in large factories is this idea: to select all latest versions after adding applications to the plan. (specially if you have an automated daily tag as we do)