Make connectors language independent


Currently in Outsystems, if you are running a .NET stack, your integrations must be .NET , and vice versa for Java.

It will be nice to have an option to build extensions interchangeably. 

Created on 20 Aug 2018
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Hello Sindhuja,

When you create an extension, you have the ability to set to which stack you want to code for: .NET, Java or both.

If you select Both, you'll have the option to set the source code for each stack:

So, this is a great idea! Fortunately for everyone, it was implemented some versions ago.


EDIT: it was brought to my attention that I may have missed the point here. Were you looking for having the ability to, for instance, build you application in .NET and consume a Java-only extension?

Hi Armando,

I wanted to raise a scenario in which I have a .NET stack of Outsystems, but I still want to develop a JAVA extension, which currently in not possible.

For instance, my enterprise outsystems is on .NET stack. But, I needed a DB connector to Hadoop, which only has a JAVA driver. But, as my enterprise stack is in .NET, I am unable to proceed.

That was when the idea was born.



Hello Sindhuja,

In fact, it's not possible. That would require an additional server running that stack. One possible option, if it's on-premises, is to create a wrapper for Hadoop and invoke it on the OutSystems platform. If on the cloud, then it will be a bit more complex than this.


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