Add Button to Create Web Page

By Rebecca Hall on 14 Oct 2010
Add a button on the destination dialog/context menu to also create a web page.  Right now I have to close all the way out to add the web page and then I have to try and remember where I was.

Fernando Sousa18 Oct 2010
Hi Rebecca,

If you're creating an application based on StyleGuide, or any other template of yours, it would be probably easier to copy an existing screen than creating a blank one and consequentivly having to make the new screen look like all others.

Although your suggestion could accelerate development in some cases, I think that the majority of the times we'll end up using "the old way"
Justin James22 Oct 2010
Fernando -

That comes back to the lack of a "master page" or template system. :(

Rebecca Hall22 Oct 2010
I found out that even if I drag a page from the widget pane or right-click Create Web Screen, I still get the same blank screen without formatting.  I would think that adding a button that does the same would be simple.
Pedro Oliveira27 May 2011
With 6.0 you link directly into a new screen. Not only that, the new page uses the new themes system to make sure you never start with a blank page!