JSON datatype in Outsystems


It would be great if outsystems can support storage of JSON datatype in the attributes of an entity, since now, MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL all support this already.

Created on 21 Aug 2018
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What would be the effective difference between this and Text?


As with JSON types, the benefit would be ability to store unstructured data in key value pairs. This may allow for creation of dynamic fields/forms/datatypes and the possibilities are limitless. e.g. an attribute that now stores a list of values, that drops the need to create a separate entity. powerful aggregate searches based on a key/value in the json, instead of a predefined attribute name, with complicated SQLs. Lastly, ability for reusing your JSON type in database for other systems, e.g. Analytics tool to access directly in DB.

So, other than needing the data type to be JSON in the database for other systems to make use of (which makes total sense), I don't see any of these capabilities within the current OutSystems philosophy, which does not do dynamic form creation, does not like dynamic queries, and so on.

These are all USEFUL patterns of development, and I sometimes want to do them... but it is really not how OutSystems is designed to work. There are other low code systems out there which are friendlier to this, but OutSystems would need a lot more than just supporting JSON as a data type for this, they would need a completely different design philosophy.


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