Right-Click on Notify Action > GoTo Destination


It would be nice to be able to go directly to the handler for a Notify Action from the Action itself. Right now, if you add a breakpoint on the Notify node, you can step into it and go to the handler.

This idea is about being able to go directly into the handler at Design time without having to step in.

This will be really useful where there are lots of web blocks and notifications being used.

Imagine a new menu here that says, "Go to Handler" or something like that:

Created on 21 Aug 2018
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But there could be quite a number of screens that use this Web Block, and therefore quite a few handlers for this Notify. How would it know which one to go to?


Your question is the crux of the problem.  Many things can consume the block and the message needs to communicate with them appropriately. If you change a message or need more data in it, then you need to update the message handling for all the consumers of the message.

That's why it's important to be able to go to the locations where the notification is received. If there are many, show them in a popup. 

Ideally, package this with having multiple screens open at once and we can save a lot of time on this part of app dev.

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