Add column showing error location

By Rebecca Hall on 14 Oct 2010
Add column on TrueChange tab to show the location (web page, action) of the error that is being shown.

J.18 Oct 2010
I like it, it would make life easier instead of reading the complete message.

But still, what would be the real benefit for it?  The message says it all and you can double-click to go to the action/screen.
So why would we need it?

Rebecca Hall18 Oct 2010

Even though you can click to fix the problem, it would be nice to be able to sort these changes so you can fix all the problems on a single page or action to make sure everything is correct before going to the next one.

Hans de Vries13 Dec 2010
Also, it would be great to have back and forward navigation buttons to navigate through your espace.

For example, when I double-click an error, I want to fix the error and click 'back' to to back to where I was working before.