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In Web Development, if we drag a local variable to the flow it creates an assignment to that variable, which is very handy! But, in Mobile Development, doing the same procedure has different behavior because instead of an assignment it creates an If Statement! I think that it should be coherent and keep the same behavior.

Created on 23 Aug 2018
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To get around this I drag an Assign widget first, and then drag the variable to the Assign, but I do often forget and end up creating an If.

Good idea, keep's it consistent. 

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Hey guys,

Not sure if I understood correctly but this doesn't depend on if you are on web or mobile module. Service Studio creates assignments for variables except if they have boolean type where the most common use case is to create an If.

Here you can find a quick demo of this behavior:

Am I missing something?


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Hey Ana,

As referred before, both web and mobile are consistent, creating assigns or IFs depending on the variable's type.