Seed an Entity With Test Data


After creating a new entity in the data tab and assigning attributes to that entity, it would be very useful to be able to have a further right-click action on that entity.

This action would seed some test data into the database based on random values of that data type. So a text column could have some lorem ipsum text, and integers would have a random number assigned to it.

This would allow developers to test the layout and functionality of front end tables and lists etc without having to create sample data in Excel and bootstrap it in.

In my mind this would be particularly useful for anyone new to the platform as well as it would become a couple of clicks to getting back into designing an app, rather than having to worry about creating test sample data and importing it, just to see what the functionality of a widget might be.

Created on 23 Aug 2018
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One could argue that bootstrapping fulfills this requirement already

Indeed, but to bootstrap the data you need to create your own test data in Excel first.

My idea would be for (for example) 10 rows of data to be prefilled in the table without having to create the spreadsheet first. Would replace the entire process of creating data with just two clicks.

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