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Mobile dropdown list widget should be more advanced and allow customization  through parameters. 

It is frustrating how many fixes each time should be implemented in order to get dropdown element work as desired. as it is a replacement of a standard input method it should allow customization not only via css tweaks.

For example if by design it should have an arrow on top/right/etc. it should be available via parameters. When it is on the bottom of the page it should autoscroll page to display a full list or show it above (actually position should be parametrized).

It should be possible to set display element limit and have scroll if the list is long.

Created on 23 Aug 2018
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On our radar

Hi Mykola,

Thanks for the input. We've received lots of feedback about the dropdown widget, and it's something that's clearly on our radar. Although there's no ongoing project where this will be tackled, but will eventually pick this up. I'll let you know when we have  more news.


Ricardo Alves