Saving the Previous Version OML in Local storage instead of cloud

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Hey Guys,

Currently when a publish is done from the user side, the version is saved in the cloud.

This will be added in the DB count.

So why can't you design something to save those versions in the local system, I mean in documents or some other user preferred storage location in his local drive instead of the cloud. something like saving a word file.

So this will save the Database limit count right?

because I am using my personal Environment to do some R&D, I will do almost 10 -20 publish every data. so that my 2 GB limit is almost 70 %.

I cleared my previous versions from service studio. after that, I got only 40% of my 2 GB storage.

So instead of saving those versions in the cloud, my need is to save that in my local machine.



Created on 24 Aug 2018
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Yes, that could save some space (it would also break the entire OutSystems environment cloning/migration model, as well as the backup/restore model). That said, if 10 - 20 publishes a day are using THAT much space, I bet you have a lot of images or resources in the espaces you are frequently publishing. I would suggest that you move the images and resources to dedicated espaces that only get published when an image or resource changes/is added/is deleted. This will also speed up your deployments and publishes.


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Hi Keerthi,

Thank you for contributing in the ideas.

Currently we are not looking to change the way 1CP manage the OML uploads. Like Justin said, there is probably space for improvement in how you are developing you applications in order to make the OML smaller and quicker to publish.

Keep your ideas coming. Cheers!