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Created on 27 Aug 2018
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really liked the idea.

we have the freelance website but when it comes to the technology selection there is no option for outsystems.

In my case, I have tried to create a freelancing account with Upwork for outsystems.

every time my account get rejected due to no technology found.

having a separate platform for freelance will be good for all who wants to utilize there free time.

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On our radar

Hi Huarlem

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good idea. 

This isn’t currently on our roadmap but at this time, we’ll keep this post open to collect feedback on this topic. If the community support you in this idea we can do it.



Vulpith matches freelance and agency talent with businesses around the world. Clients can quickly, easily, and securely outsource projects of any size. It's the most cost effective way to accomplish your business or professional goals online. Vulpith is built on cutting-edge blockchain and cloud technologies for safe and secure freelancing.

I love the idea. I think a freelance platform would help Outsystems to grow as well as help people find remote jobs. 

My Vote for You :)