Mobile Native Select (Dropdown)

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On the Mobile development front-end modules there should be the option to use the Phone default select, instead of the one currently available when the dropdown mobile is dragged, to give a more native feel to the apps.

Created on 29 Aug 2018
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It should be implemented soon the current one doesn't look good. 

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On our radar

Hi Reinaldo,

We've heard a lot of feedback about the dropdown widget in mobile apps and we have this issue on our radar. 

Just out of curiosity, but customizing the css you can achieve similar results. Have you tried playing around with it, or you simply just want that pattern out of the box, period?

Keep the ideas coming.

Ricardo Alves

Hi Ricardo, 

Yeah I have already worked customizing the CSS of the dropdown currently available, however the utilization and user experience feedback is not the best, has there are issues while scrolling lists on iOS, the values disappear while the scroll is happening. 

So yes, it would be great if it the native select was included in the mobile patterns.


Reinaldo Muralha