Restrict opening OML


If a developer copies the oml file from Enterprise environment and tries to open it in his personal environment through service studio, he is able to see the code/logic of the .oml.

In case if we prevent developer to download OML by limiting access to No access / List Applications, developer will not be able to publish his work.

We think Like IPP there should be some restriction that stops opening OML developed in Enterprise Environment to open in other environment through service studio.  

Created on 29 Aug 2018
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This is a very important point. We understand that an OML which has been developed in my personal environment cannot be published in my Enterprise environment because of IPP violations. As a next step Service studio should always check the OML details before it is opened. Only if the OML belongs to that environment to which the service studio is connected, it should be opened.

Please check with your outsystems-partner, there are certain ways to prevent this if you are really need this.

However, the thought of reasoning is a bit weird.

He still can open the OML while he is connected to the correct environment. so what's the issue?

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