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* Drag-Drop an Action to a Folder is very slow, maybe improve the performance.  It is trying to insert the selected action as an input parameter which doesn't make sense.  Not going through every other action, input parameter could improve drag speed.

* Add Right-click menu to the actions to "Move to Folder" and then select which folder.

Created on 29 Aug 2018
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Hey Rebecca,

Not sure if I understood, why do you say that it is "trying to insert the selected action as an input parameter"?

Can you provide a small gif showing the performance of this operation? It should not be a slow operation!

Regarding moving elements with right-click it is not a pattern we want to promote in Service Studio since move operations are done by simply dragging elements to where you want.


When you are dragging an action to a folder, it shows the action as being inserted between every action plus any inputs/outputs/local variables of all the actions you are dragging the action across.

Hey Rebecca,

It is not trying to create inputs (this is just an affordance so that you understand where it is being dropped) but it is indeed slow, thanks for the gif.

This is more a bug report than an idea so can you please submit this feedback through Service Studio's submit feedback window so that we can use your oml to troubleshoot the problem? Please add this idea's URL so that our developers can see exactly the experience you're having.

Thanks a lot (I'll mark the idea as out of scope and follow up this in our maintenance)

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Out of the scope

Will be followed up as a bug in our maintenance backlog