Ability to see company support cases


I and so my other collegues can open a support case but we cannot see each others support cases.

It would be usefull for collaboration and to prevent double entries of support cases to see all support cases made by the team members

Created on 30 Aug 2018
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Turned out it might be an authorisation issue. It seemed I was not autorized to see them. Would be nice though if there would be an indicator to show there are other support cases and that you would be able to at least read them (without ability to change / add something to them)

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HI Edwin Goud

in Support portal https://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal/Support/ you will find a link to "My Support Permissions" where you will find what you can or not do with support cases.

We can not show you, who are or not seeing that cases, except if you are a company or infrastructure admin. if you are admin, you can see and manage your team support cases permission on the customer area.