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When copying an action, web screen, web block, or structure from one eSpace to another, perhaps we can be given the option to paste without adding references to objects in the original eSpace.

Yes, the new eSpace will then present errors but you should fix it accordingly then by either copying/moving the other objects or setting them as public and referencing them.

The problem, my problem, with the way it is currently working is that junior/fresh developers are not aware of the automated referencing and many times they are creating circular dependencies that could have been prevented.

Sometimes though, one would want to keep the reference to the original eSpace, i.e. when refactoring and separating web screen and server logic, thus I suggest having it as an option.

Created on 4 Sep 2018
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I like your idea but how would you suggest to implement it?

Abílio Matos

There is already a context menu available when you right-click the mouse in the interface/logic/data/processes list content view, so just add an option in the menu below Paste or Paste As... that would allow it.

The problem that those junior developers will never realize/care that there's two different methods of pasting, and obliviously selecting the one that will create the circular references ;).

Haha! Indeed they will!

Perhaps then the default paste should be without references and the more "advanced" option should allow pasting including the references.

Yeah, this doesn't solve the problem, people make circular references either way. The solution is for Studio to kick them in the teeth every time they try it, I put an idea out there recently for this.


Thank you, Justin. Anything that could help prevent or make us aware of circular references is a definite win in my book.

I've gone and liked your idea, perhaps this one can be merged with yours as I see your idea is already on their radar!


I tried searching on "kick" and "teeth", but I can't find the issue. Do you have a link?

He was a bit more diplomatic, and perhaps less frustrated at the time when he created the idea.

Here is the link: https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/5364/warning-for-circular-references

Kilian -

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I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't involve actual kicking and teeth, Justin ;).

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