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Hello Guys,

It would be great if solution publish process could be enhanced to be faster. Our project has many modules and takes longer than we require in our continuous integration process to publish a solution.

Just to give a bit of context with an example - in our daily continuous integration process, we publish a solution against our DEV environment and, if everything goes well, we push it to the next environment for next day QA testing. The issue we face is that with the time it takes, if anything goes wrong with either of these solution publishes, we can have a hard time to react on time to fix the problem and to try again, on the same day.

Created on 4 Sep 2018
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one of our customers has a large factory with hundreds of modules that compose several applications. Publishing and compiling all the modules (all components) is an operation that consumes several hours ! Think about the downtime this client is facing when he needs to upgrade the platform version :disappointed:

Hardware usage can be hugely optimized since only one processor is in use when compiling the modules.

While i understand the need to optimize the 1CP.

Does this also mean that with every change you made all the modules are affected?

I was talking about the platform upgrade process. During the upgrade one of the task is compile every single module present in the installation (all components). This is the operation that consumes several hours.

Maybe the optimization is the compiling phase and not in the publish phase (not aware of platform internals)

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Hello Sérgio and Rui,

Thank you for the feedback. We will keep it in mind as we work on the platform.

*cough* this might be a very interesting thread in the forums

I agree, it's especially frustrating when at the end of the publish you see an 'aborted' message for some reason.

I think part of the problem is that the build process needs to be smarter, so it only publishes what is necessary - we should rarely have to do "all content" publishing. This is my idea: