"List Action" as a widget in the widget list


Hi All,

Why is the List Action not available in the widget list but only if a list item is dropped?

It would be very usefull if this was possible.

Kind Regards,

Furkan Çetin

Created on 5 Sep 2018
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Hello Furkan,

What do you mean by "List Action"? Currently the logic toolbox is static, only showing the generic nodes you can use inside the flow.


Hello Vasco,

The highlighted action in the image is the list action which I mean.


Hey Furkan,

Oh I get it (thought you were referring to list actions actually).

Sub-widgets don't appear in toolbar since they have specific places/widgets they can live inside. This is not the only widget not appearing, for example you already have ButtonGroupItems and all the rows and cells of widgets such as Table, TableRecords, EditableTable, ShowRecords, EditRecords, etc...

Changed the category to Frontend

Changed the category to Frontend

Hello Furkan,

Why do you say that it would be very useful if the list action item showed up in the widget tool box? It only exists inside the context of a listitem widget.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Alves