virtual group of recently changed actions/screen etc.

Service Studio
Not right now

It would be nice to have a virtual subset ( or at least visual indication like color dot or underscore) of recently changed (or changed after last publish) actions/screen etc.

For example in a project with hundreds of web blocks and actions it sometimes complicated to navigate between 2-3 actions that are currently being changed.

Created on 5 Sep 2018
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Hey Mykola,

Why do you need to know what was recently changed?


Hey Vasco,

In a project with hundreds of webblocks, folders and actions at some point I'm working only on few of them actively and it would be really helpful to have quick access to them instead of scrolling each time if they are in the folders in opposite ends of the folders list... We have back and forward navigation, but that becomes not helpful if I'm looking into other blocks and actions but not really changing them.

Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

Not right now

Oh, got it!

You want to have access to the elements that were recently changed by you.

Currently we don't have plans in the short term to do this but I'll keep the idea to re-consider in the future.

Thanks for your idea ;)