Drop the clean button hiding from the style-guide

By André Ramos on 3 May 2010

The clean button hiding is an horrible pattern. It's incoherent. The user get's confused when we hide buttons from him and then show him or not...

The clean button and all the other buttons should always be visible in the style guide's screen's filters.

Don't exactly know what you mean with hiding buttons in the styleGuide. Reffering to the screen filters I guess you mean that you're talkin about the reset button where the search options are being reset to default.

I think this is a option that you must keep because a lot of 'new' users are using the styleGuide also to see what is possible. On this way they can see how this is done.
André Ramos7 May 2010

I'm talking about the default pattern where the clean button in a default style guide form is hidden and will only be shown if there are filters set.
J.8 May 2010

I agree.
well, it's not a horrible pattern, but slightly a confusing and inconsistent pattern ;)

André Ramos11 May 2010

The button could be disabled instead of hidden.
Manuel Dias21 May 2010
Thanks for the feedback, We are in sync and we will correct this pattern in 5.1, by always showing the "Reset" button.
Pedro Oliveira30 Jun 2010

This is one of the many small productivity and usability improvements in 5.1! Read more about 5.1 in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!