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Even though Service Studio as started to incorporate static code analysis in TrueChange, it is still not compared with the static code analysis tools used in traditional development languages, like Sonar.

OutSystems should incorporate advanced static code analysis, with extensive anti-patterns validation and also provide a tool with dashboards and reports to allow Tech Leads to have more control over the code quality of their applications and factories.

Created on 7 Sep 2018
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Do you have specifics about what you would like to see warnings and alerts on that True Change doesn't (besides dashboards/metrics, which it obviously doesn't do and would be good to have)?


Hi Luis, 

There are already several paid solutions out there on the market 

1. BonCode - https://www.bon-code.nl/en/

2. Omnext - https://www.omnext.com/en/

And I believe I saw a component in the Forge lately that does some code analysis too. 

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I surely hope that the static-code analysis of Outsystems is already good to great.

after all, we merely do the functional bit.

Of course we can screw up that, but is that actually found in the analysis?

Every wall may be perfect, but the house still collapses...

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Though TrueChange tries to simulate the Static code analysis tooling but not as good as SonarQube.

Having SonarQube integrated gives way more visibility and control

  1. Overview (dashboard)
  2. Quality Gate
  3. Bugs
  4. Vulnerabilities
  5. Code Smells
  6. Coverage
  7. Duplications
  8. Reliability measures
  9. Security measures
  10. Maintability measures
  11. Size
  12. Complexity control
  13. Activity (historical) overview and changelog in metrices with every single build
  14. (Custom) Quality Profiles
  15. Reports of quality
  16. etc ...

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