Automated refactoring when fetching data Locally when previously from Server


When you create a Local Entity based on a Server Entity you can select which attributes you want to have locally. 

However if you want to use the LocalEntity instead of the ServerEntity you'll have to refactor you List/Form to make sure it uses the LocalEntity's attribute. We see this happen in the Mobile Local Storage exercize/ lesson when creating Local Storage. See attached scenario as example.

I know this idea might not be suited for all cases, but for the more basic scenario's this might be big help for now.

 Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 13.18.35.png
Created on 7 Sep 2018
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Have you tried F12 on the server entity + "Replace All Usages"? I haven't tried that on mobile for this particular use case, but it is key to big refactorings on desktop. It's more or less the universal refactoring too.


It does help you replace the GetEntity to the GetLocalEntity. However if you renamed your Entity to LocalEntity, you still need to fix the individual attributes reference.

So this idea is just automating the manual refactor work and  the "Replace all usages".

I see. We have that problem on Web too when refactoring (the referenced entity gets a "2" on the end). Makes sense!


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