push with comment, setting key stage version and lock for del, deploy with old key stage


there are lots of testing push within the espace, it's hard for me to tell what's the diff btw them.

it's better to add optional common during pushing.

let us setting some key version to identify the meaningful stage, and able to set lock skip the deletion with bulk history deletion. it is also a good way for developer contentious dev and let the head choose some old version to deploy to next env.

Created on 12 Sep 2018
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I really agree with the comments idea.

In a software development company, we usually have a Project Tracking Software to help to manage the Issues and Requirements.

It will be very helpfull to add comments to the deploys to identify quickly when we have beeing working to a particular development.

A shortcut key, for example, (Ctrl+f5) to appear a popup to add the comment just before the deploy.