Container "Align" property generating CSS class

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At this moment, when we set the "Align" property of a container, it generates the align property in the HTML.


  • Align -> Right
  • Generates: <div align="right"></div>

My proposal is to generate "system" classes the same way "OSInline" is added when a container doesn't have "Width" property set.

My suggestion is (following above example):

  • Align -> Right
  • Generates: <div class="OSAlignRight"></div>

.OSAlignRight {

    text-align: right;


.ar .OSAlignRight {

    text-align: left;


The motivation:
- I'm working in Arabic applications and it's a pain in the ass to go around that "align" property. Even after telling the whole dev team "don't use that crap, use our classes".

Please, also update the SILK UI "out-of-the-box" RTL stylesheet to override this system classes.

Created on 13 Sep 2018
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Feeling your pain, have my vote!

Yeah... Or make these cultures write from left to right.

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I can also feel your pain.

when it comes to responsive it's hard to manage with the div attributes.

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On our radar

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks. That is a good idea so we're setting it to "On our radar". 

We don't have short-term plans to work on it, but we might take another look into this in the future when we revisit multi-language support, which is something we might need to do on the medium term.


Tiago Simões