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Many times we want to have a condition of a select for each record in a Static Entity. If we drag that static entity to a Select node of a preparation or other screen action, then you could define conditions for each record of the Static Entity.

Created on 17 Sep 2018
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Hey PJ M,

What do you mean by Select node?


Sorry, SWITCH statement, not select statement. I'm getting my languages mixed up.

I don't even think of these things as their name anymore, just the concept. 

Hey PJ M,

Now I get it. How would you set the conditions? Should you drag a StaticEntity or StaticEntityId variable to the switch generating conditions such as "StaticEntityId = Entities.StaticEntity.Record1"?


If you drag a static entity to the Switch, it'll add conditions for ALL the Records of it. If you drag just one of the records, if that's what you mean by the StaticEntityId, which I hadn't thought about yet, it could add a condition for just that value. I can see why... maybe you only want to handle a few of the cases, rather than all of the options in that Static Entity.

Am I understanding?

My question is, if you drag a static entity, what are you expecting the conditions to be?

Imagine you have a "Country" Static Entity with the following records:

  • Entities.Country.Portugal
  • Entities.Country.Spain
  • Entities.Country.USA

How would you write conditions out of this?

The only interaction that would allow Service Studio to fill the conditions would be to drag a specific variable of type CountryId so that you could generate conditions such as "CountryId = Entities.Country.Portugal"  but I'm not sure if this would be intuitive to the users.


Yeah, I see what you are saying. If you drag an Entity to the Switch, you still need to say which variable it is that changes or has one of those values. I suggest popping up a list of variables of that type of entity to choose from, then it'll populate one condition for each record in the Static Entity.

Alternatively, you could drag a variable that is of that Static Entity type and THEN Service Studio would have enough information to fill all the conditions.

variable = Entities.StaticEntityName.Value1

variable = Entities.StaticEntityName.Value2

variable = Entities.StaticEntityName.Value3


variable = Entities.StaticEntityName.ValueN

Hi PJ,

You want service studio create all conditions automatically with identifier variable, I am understanding correct?

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Thanks for your idea

Yes, all the conditions. Then we will know if they have all been coded for and easier for us to select the condition when we are adding paths out of the SWITCH node. Glad it's on your radar!