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In the Service Studio -> Interface -> Images folder, currently there is option to Import Images. 

But I can only import a single image at a time. 

One more issue is, it automatically scrolls down to location where its added the image after I import.

So for example, If I have 100 images already in the 'Image' folder, and I want to add 10 more images in the same folder which starts with name 'Z', I have to scroll up to 'Images' folder to import another image after each import.

It will be very easy if we will import all the images at one go.


Palak Patel

Created on 19 Sep 2018
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You can already drag and drop multiple images at the same time.

(But I agree, it's weird you cannot do it via the menu)

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Hey Palak,

As Joost referred you can use drag and drop as a workaround but your idea makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the contribution!