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Sometimes you don't want to share your solution with the whole community but only with your co-workers. It would be great if we could have restricted Forge's on each account.

Large customers with multiple infrastructures could use this company/private Forge to share reusable applications between their teams.

Created on 21 Sep 2018
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Hi Martijn, 

tell me more about this idea. Are you expecting to see it in the forge or in the application list of your factory? Currently, Forge doesn't have information about your environments and the co-workers using it. So I'd like to know more about what problem are you trying to solve.



Hi Ana,

For a user perspective it would great if that's available in the community next to the community Forge. However as you mentioned from a technical perspective this isn't possible because the Forge doesn't have the information of the installed applications. A factory element that Users could install that would be able to share Application/Solution packages is already a first step that would help a lot of customers.

The problem that I see at the bigger clients that we have is the following:
The have multiple infrastructures. Sometimes this is each department that has it own installation or each country/continent that has is own Development, Q/A and production environment. From a governance or center of excellent perspective there is the need to have a library of reasonable application that they could offer to each environment without going trough the trouble of IPP. 

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken

Fully agree with this idea!

We were so surprised that this idea didn't exist already! :)

I have seen this wish with big corporations that have multiple departments with different software teams but I can also see the benefits for small companies to generate an intern toolbox.

An additional requirement that I see is that you want to promote your internal Forge component to the global community Forge. The extra benefit that I see is that the component is tested and mature before it enters the community Forge.

Oh btw, BettyBlocks does have this construction already and someone told me that Mendix has also something like this. Thus, come on OutSystems, hurry up! :D

I think it's a great idea and should be a standard feature.  A related use case for this is an IT or consulting company which needs to create private reusable micro-services and accelerators for client projects.  I am not aware of any way to currently do this.