Add entities to aggregate by dragging

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It would be nice if you can add a new entity to an aggregate by dragging an entity on an existing aggregat.

Created on 21 Sep 2018
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Hi Lennart,

Unless I am missing something, I'm 100% sure you can already do that. Which Service Studio version are you using?


Hi Ricardo,

In the aggregate itself it's possible, but I'm talking about the action flow.



Ok, Lennart, I knew I was missing something. :)

Let's wait and see what the OutSystems team has to say.



That could be error-prone by accidently adding to the aggregate instead of a new aggregate.

I don't think that will be the case. It already responds differently at the moment during dragging:

Dragging it on the flow or in the screen, the name is Get<EntityName>s. If you drag it on the aggregate the name is just <EntityName>. I think people will notice the difference. 

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Can you argue a scenario where this would be more effective than the current way of doing it?

In my opinion, the current way is the preferred way because you can immediately see the joins that are set up, where with the approach above the joins are "ignored". Most of the time Service Studio gets the joins correct, but there are instances where the joins are inferred incorrectly and you need to manually change them.