Open older version of espaces in service studio from service center

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In the list of previous versions of an espace in service center, you should be able to open a version directly in service studio. Currently you have to download the oml and then open it in service studio.

Created on 25 Sep 2018
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Good idea, Shahin!

It would be a nice accelerator.


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What's wrong with the "Open Previous Version" feature in Service Studio already?


Justin, the "Open Previous Version" feature in Service Studio does the same thing, however, you need to open the module first. Also, the "Open Previous Version" feature in Service Studio is very slow when there are a lot of previous versions (due to missing pagination, or lazyloading, or anything similar, but that is an existing idea already).

We had the issue that there were a lot of versions, which were visible in service center, whereas we could not have a quick look what a given version was about. You needed to download the oml, and then open it in service studio. True, it is not a big deal, but it does make browsing through previous versions faster

It sounds to me like really the BEST approach would be an option in Studio, before you open the espace (perhaps as part of the menu that lets you "open in browser" or "delete"?) to offer the option to "open previous version" and to speed up that dialog. Maybe add a date search or "who published?" search as well?

I just don't feel like having to go through Service Center, which is a TON of clicks to get through, is the best path for this common need.


Hi guys,

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