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When clicking the 'remove unused dependencies', Service Studio does a nice job to clean dependencies that are no longer used. However, if there are no more dependencies left for a given espace the feedback message returns: 'No dependencies to remove', instead of 'removed ... .. from <espace name>'

The functionality does work though, the dependencies do get removed, but if there are no other dependencies left, the feedback message is confusing. It implies that there were no dependencies removed

Edit: This seems to be happening in the interfaces tab. In the logic tab, the feedback message is descriptive, even when it was the last reference of that espace.

Created on 26 Sep 2018
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Hi Shahin,

I really think the feedback message "No dependencies to remove" is very clear because Service Studio is telling you, after analyzing your code, that it won't remove any dependency because there are actually none to remove.

What I do think is that pop-up window should be a confirmation message of what's about to be removed (so we can decide to proceed or cancel) and not an information of what has just been removed. It woud come in handy when you have bits of dynamic SQL injected in an Advanced Query that use referenced entities, which are not detected as a proper reference by Service Studio, but if they are deleted, your query will break.

Let me know what you think.


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Hey Shahin,

Not sure if I understood.

This feature removes all the dependencies you have that are not being used and then shows them in a feedback message so that you can understand what happened (was removed).

If all your dependencies are being used, then a feedback message will appear saying that there are no dependencies to remove.


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Hey Shahin,

As discussed the feedback message is reflecting what the operation has done so we will keep it as is for now.

Thanks for your idea and keep them coming!