Styleguide / Wizzard nice-to-haves

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We all know the wizzards for creating CRUD screens help a lot in rapid development of a first application version. 

However, I would love to see, for example, these features:

- when creating a new list screen, add a column with a delete button/image that deletes the record from the list (with ajax refresh)

- inline editing a-la salesforce would be great -> double-click on a record, and edit the record inline in the list.

What would be even more 'cool' is if we could edit these the templates used for the wizzards, and generate our own 'masterpages'  like this.

Created on 12 Nov 2010
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12 Nov 2010
If you put a link with the text "Delete" you get an option to automatically create the Delete actions already. 

Would love the inline editing though and ability to customize (unless this can already be done via css).