Deploy All modules in Application to Personal Area


We have about 10 or so modules in our application, each supplying screens within our WebApp. If I want to debug a module then go to a web page from another module, I get a 404 error that the page cannot be found.

This requires me to publish the module containing that screen to my personal environment as well. This can be time consuming to do each time a producer module has changed.

It would be nice if we could deploy all the modules to our personal environment to expedite the process of debugging an application in our personal space.

Created on 2 Oct 2018
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I think you mean "Personal Area" not "Personal Environment", right?


Yes, that's the one! Run and Debug in the Personal Area.

We almost need a deployment management system like Lifetime that lets us deploy to QA and Production, but with a target of our Personal Area.

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This could be good, OS really needs to improve the personal area to make developers use it more.

Totally agree with this one, personal area is way to limited to be fully usefull.