Upgrade all version of forge component automatically

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Hi Team,

As we are upgrading OS version from 8-9, 9-10 & now to 10-11. I think OS need to upgrade all forge component to new version automatically.

Still, I am using version 10 in personal environment & update request for V11 is pending.  Same way, I am getting error because of version up-gradation. If you automatically upgrade all component then transition will be smooth between old version to new verion.

Created on 2 Oct 2018
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Did you republish all components after the upgrade using an "All" Solution? If not, you are supposed to, to prevent these errors.


Hi Justin,

You are correct we need to publish by using "All Solutions" but here I am not upgrading anything. I want to install new forge component in my service studio which have version 10. I am getting error, I have put my idea for all components not particular for this error.

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