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On some projects I'm facing the need to maintain a piece of SQL that I share accross some queries and espaces, or even to create code that Its still not supported by current SQL Server version (SQL string split for instance).

Would be really nice to be able to create a SQL function directly from the platform, where we can reference our own tables.

Example how to create it:

How it could look like:

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Created on 5 Oct 2018
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Hi Cristiano,

How often do you encounter this use case?

On those scenarios do you typically have an on-premise installation or is it on OutSystems PaaS. If you have complete access to the database you are able to create the functions there and use them in Advance Queries. 

We will an eye on this idea community adoption and if it gets enough traction we will try to include on the backlog.



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Hello Fernando,

Sorry for late reply. We have this scenario on several places, but usually what I see is that people just repeat code and maintain that repetition. 

We are in PaaS and indeed you are correct, we could create functions and call them inside the advance, but that means we have to maintain this functions in the SQL Server instead of OutSystems, specially if refactoring is done and new physical tables are created most likely this will be forgotten and problems will occur.

Thanks a lot!

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I do understand the use case. Let evaluate community adoption and if someone can share more use cases so that we can assess how much value this functionality brings to our users.

Thanks so much for the feedback