Entry Set Input Parameters for Destination Page


It would be nice to have the ability to specify certain Input Parameters as default for a created Entry.  When this entry is used, the Destination screen is called, with that Entry's designated Input Parameters

For Example

Page X is the landing page for new users.  New users could be coming from a variety of Partners.  The landing page generates different branded content for each Partner based on a PartnerId input.

You can have SuperAwesomePartnerEntry that points to that landing page with the correct PartnerId specified. While OtherCoolPartnerEntry points to the same landing page now with a different PartnerId specified. 

You can give out www.mysite.com/OtherCoolPartnerEntry.aspx instead of 


I think this feature could help extend the usability of Entries, which as of now I do not have much use for.

Created on 5 Oct 2018
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But then you are tying DESIGN TIME information with RUN TIME information. In your example, your code somehow has to be aware of 1. the partner's name, which means that you need to re-deploy code every time you add a partner and 2. the partner's ID, which is different in each environment.

Perhaps what you are looking for is a way to redirect:

You can give out www.mysite.com/OtherCoolPartnerEntry.aspx


You can give out www.mysite.com/PartnerEntry.aspx?PartnerName=OtherCoolPartner

and then have PartnerEntry look up the partner by name to get the ID.

This will work, and can be done with the existing SEO rules.


After I posted this I realized that this really is not the best example of my intention because of design vs. run time information.  I suppose a better example would be using something like a set of boolean flags, or even a static entity, for different versions of the same screen, with different URLs.  

Gotcha. Yeah, I can see that as possibly useful.


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