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Since almost everything's visual in Service Studio "Find Usages" should follow the same principle.

Choosing "Find Usages" should highlight on screen where what we're looking for is used.

Created on 7 Oct 2018
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Not right now

Hey Bruno,

Thanks a lot for your idea!

Having a visual clue could indeed help identifying the usages, although people tend to leave the find usages opened so it might also create some visual noise if you don't want it. Currently we don't have short-term plans to do this.

Nevertheless, we'll keep the idea to reconsider it in the near future.

Once again, thanks for your contributions and keep the ideas coming!

True, although you could activate the visual highlight when hovering the mouse cursor over the results (or clicking on them) at the bottom of the screen. You could also have an option to toggle the highlight.

Regardless I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you.