[Service Studio] Create consistent ordering for warning/error list

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Currently, the list order could change with every context action that is performed. If you are on a mission to eradicate a number of the same warning types, you forced the scroll to find your place again. This wastes a bit of time when you have a large number of warnings to tend to.

Created on 8 Oct 2018
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Hey Hanno,

The warning list already have high-level ordering (for example showing performance warnings first). Having the list fully ordered would really help you finding your warning?

You would have to scroll it anyway right?

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I'm marking the idea as Out of scope until we have more detail.


Scenario: I have 50 odd warnings. In this scenario, I am deleting unused actions by using the context menu on the warning list.

Image 1 is before I start, and subsequent snips were made after each context menu "Delete Action" operation