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Hi Everyone,

Is there any problem to make automatically makes child structures to be public whenever we do are making parent structure as public.

Here is the case 




A is parent Structure and B,C are  Direct child's to A. assume now B,C, A have public property as "no"

So when i try to make  A structure as public , Service studio through's error saying to make B,C as public.  in order to re solve the errors and making A as public.

Assume where we have more n more child structures. then it will take quite amount of time to make all of them as public.

If there is no critical problem to develop this. Please consider this idea. If not provide a alternative way.


Ramakrushna Rao Seera

Created on 9 Oct 2018
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This would help in scenarios where you have many child structures.


As an easy workaround for your idea, you can select multiple (or all structures) and change the public property for all at once.



I prefer Daniels approach, because you might want to reconsider setting structures to public or not.

You don't want to expose too much data by default.

Some one can tell me, What i need to do after selecting multiple structures to make all of them as public. Since once i select structures and clicking right mouse button nothing is happening. 

After selecting multiple structures take a look at the detail screen at the bottom right. It should have the option to set all selected elements to public (just make sure you only select the structures not any attributes)

I believe Ramakrushna's idea is very valuable. If I need a certain structure to be Public and it has dependencies, then I have to go through a list of all those dependencies and make them Public. It would be much easier to automatically cascade this effect whenever they are needed.

At least we could be given the option to do this. Something like "Mark child nodes as public" while keeping the option to do the same thing by hand.

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Hey Ramakrushna,

Thanks for your idea!

Currently we don't have plans to do this (for now you have the workaround of bulk setting the structures to public/private).


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Instead of the usual warning when we set one structure to public that happens to have more structures inside that are not set to public yet, would be a nice new feature when changing the "Parent" structure to public we could get a warning like "Are you sure? This will make all dependent structures public as well" and apply or not. It's not that much significant effort but still a time consuming task (depending on the complexity of the structures) and would save some minutes at least that sometimes can be very valuable.

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