Local variables for an assignment widget

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It would be nice to have a "local" scope for an assignment widget.

Sometime I have an assignment that ends up being a large expression (i.e. a lot of wrapped parsing functions to break a string down). 

Instead of making it one large expression I will usually break the bits down and do multiple "assignments" in one assign widget. 

To avoid redundant function calls I have to declare local parameters at the action level.

It would be nice if I could create "local/temp" variables that are only scoped within the assign widget to avoid polluting the actions local variables.
Created on 15 Nov 2010
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Would a User-defined function be adequate to concatenate these values together?  This also makes the code reusable in other areas of your espace.
A lot of times that would work.

But for some smaller little parsing things it's overkill.

For example, if I wanted to split the string "mypath/mypage" and assign the entries into the variables "path,page".  I would either have to do the split action twice and reference the index:

path = string_split(URL,"/")[0]
page = string_split(URL,"/")[1]

or create a temp record variable:

splitpath = string_split(URL,"/")
path = splitpath[0]
page = splitpath[1]

To me, the second way is more efficient. However, it forces me to create splitpath at the action level.  It would be nice if it could just exist at the assignment level.