Provide same behavior before OutSystems 10.0.804.0 (RRCT-772)

Not right now

OutSystems changed a behavior below from 10.0.804.0 due to security matter.

- Changed the database exception messages generated by queries to prevent database information to be shown to end users. The full exception messages can still be found in error logs. (RRCT-772)

At result, we can not get detail error code when ORA-xxxx error message is included on exceptional message.
We would like to add any switch to provide same behavior before 10.0.804.0.
Now there is only way to get detail error code to refer to asynchronous log table. But we want to check these detail error code on program synchronously.
This is a reason why we want same behavior before OutSystems 10.0.804.0.
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Senya Mizuta

Created on 10 Oct 2018
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Hey Senya Mizuta,

By "But we want to check these detail error code on program synchronously." you mean, in OutSystems flows when handling an exception? If yes, you have a a way to do it already without any kind of switch. The detailed exception you used to handle is still there, but as an innerException, so you can use an extension do extract that innerException (for instance ExceptionUtils from forge).

Let me know if it solves your problem!


Tiago Oliveira

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Not right now

Hi Senya,

Like Tiago Oliveira mentioned, there is a way to access the detailed information. We did this change since it could be considered a security vulnerability for the generated applications and we don't have plans to change the current behavior.