Warning when quering data in viewstate

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I would like to suggest that it might be helpful if Service Studio alerts when using preparation data on screen actions, which increases hugely the view state and it would be aligned with the performance best practices.

Created on 10 Oct 2018
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Perhaps using preparation data in screen actions should be prevented altogether?

You're right, Hanno.

In the description I elaborated but forgot to update the title.

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I don't think it should be prevented. But a warning would be a good idea.

Agree with Marcelo 

Use but don't abuse it. A warning in service studio and better viewstate size monitoring tool in service center (right now we need to extract that info from an excel file)

@Rui  you can also use Outsystems Launcher to check the viewstate size

It is also possible to use service center reports to evaluate the size of viewstate of each page but a warning would help developers to pay attention and senior developers to review the quality of the code. 

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On our radar

Hi João,

That's a good idea. In fact we already have some warnings in place (e.g. when doing a foreach of an aggregregate that is used on a tablerecords, we give a warning to set the start index and maximum iterations, but that warning is often ignored), but I guess we could have more.

We're currently working so that new web applications would not use viewstate at all (similar to mobile apps), which should be even better, but I'll leave this  as "on our radar" and see if we keep getting feedback on this after that.


Tiago Simões