[Service Studio] Change Preview Mode behaviour when using an external stylesheet.

By Robert Chanphakeo on 16 Nov 2010
Currently, the preview mode in Service Studio loads the current solution stylesheet.
If you have specified that you want to use a external stylesheet, under "External stylesheet" the preview mode will ignore this and still load the current solution stylesheet.
Since you have already told Service studio, you want to use an external stylesheet not the current solution stylesheet, I believe the correct behaviour is to have Service Studio preview mode load the external referenced stylesheet instead of loading the current solution stylesheet.
Joop Stringer22 Nov 2010
Also have the imported CSS available in preview mode
Pedro Oliveira27 May 2011
With 6.0 the preview will now be shown for whichever theme you have selected indepently of belonging to the current eSpace or being referenced from another eSpace.

Also the @import in the CSS are now correctly when previewing in Service Studio.