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Hello there,

It would be nice to have inside Service Studio a way that we could check inside the module what size does it actually occupies each Flow, Server Actions, All the images all at once, etc...

Best Regards,

Edgar Ramos

Created on 12 Oct 2018
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What do you mean by "size"? What is the problem that you are trying to solve, that might make this more clear?


Hello Justin,

I'm sorry if the first comment wasn't clear enough.

The idea is to accuratly know what is the exact size of for example the Flows or all of the Server Actions (and other relevant 'components' of our module). Currently the only sizes that we know in detail are the Images size (of each one) and also the full module size when we download it.

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Not right now

Hey Edgar,

Although we have the exact size of images (it is just a single self-contained file) it is not so direct to get the size of other elements of our language that have dependencies and sub-elements.

We don't have short-term plans to solve this but we will keep it to be considered in the future.