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I will be good to have a show-hide ability in column structure.


I have used four column structure. inside each column, I have put dashboard boxes. And all these boxes are the role-based boxes. for admin, all 4 will be visible. for another role, only the first column and last column will be visible.

So here I am facing the issue at the design level. in the center two blank column is visible.

If the column structure will have this ability like hide the column if it is empty will be good.

Created on 13 Oct 2018
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Key Pankaj,

Are you referring to SILK's Column blocks?

Not sure if I understood.


Hello Vasco,

Yes, I am referring to Silk's Column block.

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Hi Pankaj,

You can implement this functionality by using  conditions.

Hi Rajat,

Can you please elaborate on how we can achieve using condition.

My regards


You would create an if statement for each arrangement of columns you need.
Then according to the role you'd show the right column structure.

Not a big fan of that solution so your idea has my like

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This is a great idea, it would have to be optional since sometimes you need 4 columns and have the last one empty for grid and alignment reasons, but having an option to hide empty columns is great, we'll consider it for the future.

Instead of fixed # of components in SIlk (i.e. tabs, columns), maybe a Wrapper with Child records is more efficient (like old List Items from Tokyo)