Be able publish directly from the IDE

Not right now

I would like to be able to publish and application to the forge directly from Service Studio. Currently I have to export the OAP, OML,etc. Then find it, etc. It should be more seamless and quicker to start the process.

Created on 14 Oct 2018
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It would make it simpler, but how do you see the interaction? Since beside the application you'll also need to fill in some descriptions and some example screenshots etc.

It would be a starting place. Maybe it goes to "drafts", maybe it launches the page that is after you upload the application. I'm not the UX expert :) I can just say that it is odd and unwieldy to have to export the application, find the web page and start the process. If there was a button in service studio at the application level that said "publish to forge", this would start the process. It would certainly save the effort of going to service center, finding the application, saving the application as an OAP, finding the correct place to upload a component, ....  

Funny enough, this idea was recently implemented specifically to address part of that workflow. :)



Starting with the upload to the forge would indeed be an inprovement +1

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Not right now

Hey Stacey,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Currently we don't have plans to do this but we'll keep the idea to consider it in the future.

Keep the ideas coming!