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Currently the forum is very formal, which I personally don't like that much.
This causes pretty much every post to be setup like an email, for example:

Hello my name is .....

I have the following problem or idea.....

Could you please help or share your views....

Kind regards,

My name again

My suggestion is to add an introduction category (or section) where people can introduce themselves, post their experiences, expectations they have of the Outsystems platform, maybe some challenges they wish to overcome and everything else they wish to share.

This section is valuable to everyone who is new to Outsystems, who might need some pointers on what to do next, for people to get to know eachother a bit more (besides who doesn't like being welcomed by a ton of friendly and awesome people when you are moving into a new environment?). 

Incidentally this section could also prevent any bots from flooding the forums, by for instance requiring everybody to make a introduction post before being able to post onto the forum.

But my main goal of such a section would be to get people more familiar with eachother, so that the rest of the questions and forum activity goes a bit easier. (people might be more confortable posting if they are already welcomed in the introduction section).

I'd love to hear any arguments on this.

Created on 15 Oct 2018
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Changed the category to Community and the status to

On our radar

Hello Joey Moree

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since our users would benefit from this. Still no date for a delivery, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks again!