Apply search (and replace) on selected part of an action

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Not right now

I would like to do a search (and replace) on the selected part of an action,

Created on 16 Oct 2018
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It should also work when you select e.g. several actions from the tree.

Yes that's also a good one Kilian!

This would be incredibly helpful indeed!

Thanks Eric, did give the idea a like so the chance it will be get implemented would increase?

I'm suprised this idea wasn't brought up earlier, never the less, great idea!

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hey Johan,

Thanks a lot for your idea!

Currently, we don't have short-term plans to do this but I'll keep the idea to be considered in the future.

Keep the ideas coming!

Hi Vasco,

That's a pity :)

Thanks for the update!